Rato Australia provides a dedicated Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sales and distribution channel for Rato power products into Australia and New Zealand and enhances the value of Rato product in the market place by providing full OEM support including stock holding, warranty and parts for all Rato products. As a fully factory supported OEM distributor, Rato Australia will ensure that Rato products can be bought with confidence through the strong technical support and excellent customer care that can only be offered by an OEM supplier.

Chongqing RATO Power Ltd was founded in June, 2007 with total investment of 3.6 billion RMB. The new custom built manufacturing facility covers an area of 460,000m2 in the Jiangjin district of Chongqing. Rato was established to leverage the philosophy of lean-manufacturing and employs a quality managed production process and is ISO/TS16949 certified. To build long term brand image and customer loyalty in the market place, all engines feature cast iron liners for extra long life, low oil consumption and many years of service. In 2012 the production of engines exceeded 1.2 million units.


Rato produces heavy duty grade general purpose engines and power equipment including water pumps and generator sets. All-Terrain vehicles and motorcycles are also produced in the custom designed factory. Rato manufactures key components utilising pressing, welding and coating processes in purpose built production units. The facility includes a plastic injection-molding and machining area with a capacity of 300 million components used in the assembly engines, generators and pumps. Rato has a capacity of 300,000 motorcycles and ATVs and 1,200,000 vehicle engines annually.

RATO has an international R&D team of more than 300 engineers which can design and develop complete products according to customer requirements and company development needs. RATO has developed its own series of engines and power products with independent intellectual property. RATO new thermo-power base is listed as one of “the top-ten key construction projects in Chongqing of 2008”and “double hundred” industrial investment project in Chongqing of 2009.


June 2007

Chongqing RATO Power Co Ltd was officially founded

October 2007

Construction of the RATO “Century industrial park” to establish a Thermal/Power manufacturing base commenced

October 2007

RATO engineering centre approved as a municipal technology centre of Chongqing province

June 2008

Construction of RATO industrial park completed.

August 2008

RATO industrial park and Thermo/Power manufacturing facility was listed as one of the ten key construction projects in Chongqing

October 2008

RATO industrial park officially commenced production of General Purpose Engines

January 2009

RATO completes the manufacturing and shipping of the first goods order

March 2009

RATO was listed as the first intellectual property trial unit of Chongqing enterprises

November 2009

RATO was approved as national ‘high and new’ technology enterprise

January 2010

RATO was appraised as Chongqing Technical Innovation Advanced Unit of 2009

June 2010

EW190 general-purposed gasoline engine (co-developed with Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd) started mass production

June 2013

Rato Australia established to provide OEM distribution and product support throughout Australia and New Zealand